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Studio apartment in Mantua

Complete restyling of a one-room space in the heart of Mantua

In a little less than 440 square feet, every inch counts. What struck us immediately was the small veranda and the light that it managed to bring in. Restructuring made it possible to knock down the partition that divided the apartment into two rooms, thereby obtaining a larger space that could welcome a new interior design to make use of every inch and let in the light coming from the veranda.

  • Arredamento monolocale Mantova
  • Arredamento monolocale Mantova
  • Soggiorno monolocale Mantova
  • Soggiorno monolocale Mantova
  • Tavolo monolocale Mantova
  • Zona notte monolocale Mantova
  • Arredamento monolocale Mantova

Space was limited, but it became well-equipped. At the entrance, we find an Alessandria bookcase that takes us from the evening area to the day area. Here, there are two Rialto bookcases, a table in solid wood, irregularly shaped in order to accommodate four people, a small kitchen with teak cabinets and two cooking areas, a sink and a convertible sofa that becomes a double bed. The night area evolves behind the sofa, with a large, single bed that uses the entry bookcase for a headboard. One closet with a hinged door and another with a sliding door provide plenty of storage space.

The choice of materials was guided by the limited amount of space and light. Reflecting surfaces and mirrors on the walls help to make the room look larger, while furniture with polished surfaces contribute to the illusion of space. Finally, the flooring, the kitchen and the solid wood table add warmth and a feeling of welcome.

The success of this assignment (and many others) was due to the trust that the client placed in us during the design phase of the project, as well as to the collaboration of the workers and artisans who made it happen.

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